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Magnetic Cell Delivery

Regenerative medicine using cell therapies to replace or enhance damaged tissue is often limited by the ability to localize these cells to the target tissue. Once delivered, these cells then need to remain at that site to facilitate integration into the host tissue.


Using a proprietary Magnetic Cell Delivery nanoparticle platform, Emmecell solves the challenges of delivery, retention, and integration of cell therapies by leveraging magnetic nanoparticles to effectively localize and integrate cell therapies to the appropriate target tissue. 


Emmecell has a broad IP portfolio and is focusing its initial efforts on ophthalmic indications. 

Embryonic Stem Cells

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EO2002, First-in-Class Treatment for Corneal Edema

A cell injection to replace corneal surgery

Magnetic Cell Delivery

When corneal endothelial cells—which line the inner-most layer of the cornea—decrease in number, whether from the trauma of cataract surgery or from disease or dystrophy, the cornea swells with fluid (edema), and loses its optical clarity. Patients with corneal edema suffer from vision loss and pain.

Currently, there are no non-surgical procedures approved for the treatment of advanced corneal edema. The only options for these patients are corneal transplantation surgery or endothelial keratoplasty, which are technically demanding procedures with many limitations. Corneal edema is the most common indication for corneal transplantation.

Emmecell’s exclusive Magnetic Cell Delivery addresses the limitations of the current surgical options with a safe, effective, non-surgical approach to transplant its proprietary corneal endothelial cells in the eye. With the availability of an effective and safe therapeutic option for corneal edema, patients with clinically significant disease, whether mild or advanced, will now have an accessible and effective treatment.

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