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Magnetic Cell Delivery:
A Platform for Cell Therapy


Our Technology

Magnetic Cell Delivery: A Platform for Cell Therapies

Regenerative medicine using cell therapies to replace or enhance damaged tissue is often limited by the ability to localize these cells to the target tissue. Once delivered, these cells then need to remain at that site to facilitate integration into the host tissue.


Using a proprietary Magnetic Cell Delivery nanoparticle platform, Emmecell solves the challenges of delivery, retention, and integration of cell therapies by leveraging magnetic nanoparticles to effectively localize and integrate cell therapies to the appropriate target tissue. 


Emmecell has a broad IP portfolio and is focusing its initial efforts on ophthalmic indications. 

Our mission is to bring innovative regenerative medicine out of the  laboratory and into patient care

cGMP Manufacturing 

CellMP is a subsidiary of Emmecell, and provides research, current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) manufacturing, and testing services to biotechnology startups.

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